The larger counterpart of the twin Begnas and Rupa tal.

Spread across an area of 49kms,

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This website is related to place Begnas Village, which is located near Begnas and Rupa Lake. This lake attracts most of the tourist to visit once and it is the perfect place for fishing, sight-seeing and Perfect vacation weather, fascinating mythology, unforgettable mountain views and once-in-a-life time adventures.

Begnas has all of these and more. Begnas Lake & Rupa Lake is also famous for its many glistening freshwater lakes and the easy pace of life it enables.

About Pokhara

Pokhara is also famous for its many glistening fresh-water lakes and the easy pace of life it enables. Pokhara’s lakes’, Begnas Taal (Lake) has long been a favourite amongst anglers and swimmers. With an area of 3 square kilometres, its pristine, crystal clear waters are clean and undisturbed owing to the fact that only minimal human habitation exists along its banks. This Website motive is to show the world how beautiful is Begnas. Begnas Tal Rupa Tal, Nepal size of Begnas & Rupa Lake approximate size (hectares) 3000 location Kaski, Nepal population 50,000 climate temperate dry productions coffee, fruit, millet, rice resorts The Begnas Lake Resort & Villas Working Together There is a network of local farmer organizations, cooperatives and women’s’ groups that are planning and working together to achieve their joint conservation and development goals.


Elevation in the Begnas & Rupa watershed ranges from 600-1400 masl representing a wide range of micro climatic variation & ecological niches. Besides the two lakes, the landscape has community forests, rice terraces (> 50 local varieties), agroforestry, maize & millet based rain fed farming system & organic coffee farms. The 309 hectare Begnas Lake is fed by Syankhudi River from the north, while the 122 hectare Rupa Lake is fed by the rivers Dobhan khola & Chisa khola from the east. The Rupa Lake & its surrounding wetlands harbour 24 species of fish, 30 species of birds & 11 species of mammals. Agriculture is the primary source of income for a third of the households. Rice, maize & finger millet are the main cereals; cowpea, black gram & beans are the main legumes; banana & papaya are the currently popular fruits. Mandarin orange & guava are also common but their population has declined since disease outbreak. Sponge gourd, broad leaf mustard & taro are the most common vegetables.
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